Product Secrets for Authors part 1

"I'm an author. How do I get my book out there?" Cut up your credit card. Today, I'm speaking to you as "Product Manager - Emerging Authors". I've marketed and distributed financial products for some of the largest banks and retailers in Australia. I have no experience in the book business but I reckon I've… Continue reading Product Secrets for Authors part 1


MARCH your way through these titles!

This month I've been doing a few hours at le bureau however I've still enjoyed a few good reads in my spare moments on the bus and the weekend! I am currently fascinated by 'The Hidden Life of Trees' so keep an eye out for my thoughts on that. March reads: The Commando Way:… Continue reading MARCH your way through these titles!

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Are you a visionary or missionary?

You might recall I bought a Kindle! and so it only seemed fitting to download "Invent and Wander". The first half of the book is a collection of Jeff Bezos' shareholder letters whilst the second half explores his life and work through a range of interviews and speeches. I highly recommend getting your hands on (or… Continue reading Are you a visionary or missionary?

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Leadership lessons from a Commando

The Commando Way by Bram Connolly deserved a post of its own. This book is packed with lessons from a top Australian special forces commander that are applicable to any context. The most interesting thing about Bram is the fact that he is so much more than a commando: he is an author, has his… Continue reading Leadership lessons from a Commando

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I bought a Kindle!

I swore I would never cheat on my books but I went and did it: I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. Some interesting observations about my experience with Amazon: The shopping experience is seamless. I quickly compared the Kindles, picked one and checked out within 5 minutes. Bonus points for offering up 3 other products that… Continue reading I bought a Kindle!