Product Secrets for Winemakers

Shhh...I can't help noticing little product secrets hidden everywhere. This post is for anyone who appreciates a good drop. I'm confident I hold the world record for the Australian who has visited Bruges the most times. My heart was broken when COVID separated me from la plus belle ville du monde. It was my dream… Continue reading Product Secrets for Winemakers

Product Lessons

Finding the epic in your everyday

My job is on fire at the moment. I mean that in the best possible way. I'm in demand with the marketing team and my sprints are filling up pretty quickly. The only problem is my mind is constantly on this blog and my ideas for my new mini series Product Secrets for Authors! We… Continue reading Finding the epic in your everyday


I need a break! Why you need to recharge

I started my new job 4 weeks ago so I probably didn't need a break but I wasn't going to complain about a 4 day weekend! This post is what we would consider scope creep as this is not a travel blog however I absolutely had to show off the stunning colours of Australia I… Continue reading I need a break! Why you need to recharge