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Leadership lessons from a Commando

The Commando Way by Bram Connolly deserved a post of its own. This book is packed with lessons from a top Australian special forces commander that are applicable to any context. The most interesting thing about Bram is the fact that he is so much more than a commando: he is an author, has his… Continue reading Leadership lessons from a Commando


As one door closes, another opens

When my resignation from American Express was announced, I was overwhelmed by the heart warming messages I received from colleagues all over the business and the world. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked with such a caring, intelligent and fun group of colleagues over the past 2 years. I know sometimes it can… Continue reading As one door closes, another opens


How to crush your graduate program!

Congratulations on securing yourself an internship or a graduate position! These are highly competitive programs to get into so if you have been selected you should be extremely proud! I've been lucky enough to have lived the experience of a graduate as well as watched many interns & graduates grow into inspiring product managers and… Continue reading How to crush your graduate program!