A journey through 5 surprising opportunities at Transport

If you’re still day dreaming about sunflower fields in the Liverpool Plains like me, you’ll be excited to know the next crop should be ready to visit in January 2023!

It’s been 15 months at Transport so I’m inviting you to hop on board the Product In Heels train. I’ll show you some of my best and most surprising opportunities in government!

All aboard at: Amazon!

 I was invited to attend a technology day at Amazon!

The Amazon office was exactly what you would imagine…ping pong tables, Sydney harbour views, a giant Nespresso machine, snacks and…a beer tap!

At Amazon they hate boring introductions so everyone had to describe themselves in 5 words.

I laughed when most of the Amazon employees chose ‘Amazon’ as their fifth word. Classic!

How would you describe yourself? I’ll reveal my answer in my next post.

And in case you’re wondering…no, they didn’t mention my blog!

Alight at Woolworths for: ‘Leading the Product’ conference

 I had the best day attending the Woolworths ‘Leading the Product’ conference watch party in Surry Hills. What an experience.

As you enter an intense green W beckons you. Interested in this week’s special? Half price Chobani yoghurt. Enjoy an afternoon sugar rush at the Messina gelato cart. Best of all: incredible networking opportunities with the Woolworths digital product teams. Inspirational.

In product we’re often stuck fighting fires in the day to day activities of horizon 1. But if we spend too much time here, we’re at risk of getting a nasty surprise – being disrupted.

Leading the Product 2022 was all about learning how to think about the future and navigate a course to horizon 3 for our products.

It’s your train guard Amy speaking!

 Ok, I haven’t driven a train yet but I did get to act in a higher role and lead a team of product managers for a couple of weeks. It was amazing to see how the other product managers with different strengths approach their work.

It’s a smart way to quickly cross skill and empower your product people. I had to learn about multiple different product lines really quickly, and it was challenging when people were coming to me for advice and approvals for things I have limited knowledge of.

The next step for me at Transport is to find more opportunities to perform higher duties and keep practicing my new leadership skills in my current role.

Lost something? No worries, let’s take you to the lost property office

 During higher duties I had the opportunity to see the lost property system at Central station. The staff there gave us a tour and showed us first hand how they sort, match and maintain thousands of lost items found all over our network.

There are many common items like airpods, phones, computers, bags, glasses and so on. The most interesting lost items I saw were suitcases, the game of life and a set of golf clubs!

The best part was watching how the staff match items with their owners. We uncovered challenges we never would have understood analysing it from head office. Sometimes to truly understand a customer journey and the pain points, you need to explore and appreciate (not necessarily solve) all touch points.

My tip: if you travel with airpods or a phone do yourself a favour and put a unique sticker on the case. If you ever lose it you’ll have a much better chance of getting it back.

 Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge for: a celebration of the Aboriginal flag

Evidence I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge despite my fear of heights!

 I had the absolute honour to join the Aboriginal engagement team for a climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our climb was in celebration and recognition of the Aboriginal flag that now flies permanently on the bridge.

It is my personal view that we should be proud of and celebrate the rich culture of our Indigenous Australians. Although there’s still a long way to go, this is without a doubt a step in the right direction.

This train terminates at Transport for NSW. You’ve now completed your journey!

Next up: I’ll reveal my tips and tricks here for building your product strategy.

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