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Product In Heels 50 Posts

Can you believe that we’ve reached 50 articles on Product In Heels?!

Here’s a snapshot of my site’s performance:

Snapshot of Product In Heels site performance. 1K+ unique visitors and 75+ followers.

To celebrate reaching 50 articles, here are the top 10 articles by views on Product In Heels in 2021.

Most of these articles came to me easily and naturally. I was writing about topics I knew and am passionate about which is probably why they are so popular.

Everything You Need to Crush Your Graduate Program!*

This article truly is the beginning of both my adult life and Product In Heels. My early experiences were the original inspiration for this site. Many times I’ve had colleagues ask me to speak to young people they know who want advice on graduate programs. It dawned on me that I should write about it.

Starting Your New Job: 4 Lessons In 4 Weeks*

This article was a good example of sharing my experience and showcases my creativity. I love the style, engagement and graphics. I need to do more of this!

4 Important Product Lessons From a Coffee House You Need to Know*

I still miss my coffee shop job. This was another huge inspiration for this site and I should write more about it.

Why You Need A Strong Product Vision

I think this article is the cornerstone of my product related content. I’m glad I had this opportunity and shared the funny side of it.

I don’t want to write typical product management content that just explains what to do. There’s plenty of that out there. To differentiate myself I try to tell stories around the lessons.

Product Secrets for Authors: Part 2

I was sad when Chris Ripley deleted their site Ripley’s Games. I had been following their content and was getting some insight into the challenges authors face. It inspired me to see if I could apply any of my knowledge to help someone in a different industry. Clearly there is demand for this content so I should continue this series!

4 Exciting Things You Should Know About Transport

Writing this article helped me process my thoughts about transport in those first few weeks. I remember feeling exciting about all the possibilities but also wondering where on earth to start! This article was popular and is still getting views today.

Ask These 4 Powerful Questions to Find More Motivation

This was an experimental topic and style and I wasn’t convinced I liked it. I love the cover image though.

Can I Zip It? New Campaign Taking Australia By Storm

I think this was the first time I ventured into writing about payments and buy now pay later on this site. The Zip campaign was absolutely everywhere so I thought why not share what I think about it. I noticed Afterpay tried to do something similar recently but I still think the Zip ad was better.

Why The Best Product Managers Know Marketing

This is a topic I’m passionate about. I never studied marketing at university however I’ve been lucky to learn a lot about it on the job. It’s one thing to build a product, it’s another to know how to take it to market and sell it…

How to Politely Set Boundaries People Will Respect

You often see people complaining on LinkedIn about having to work excessive hours and staying back for unnecessary meetings. How could I offer my own spin on this problem? This article was the result.

I hope that my site has empowered every one of you to think product!

Let me know which of the 50 pieces of Product In Heels content was your favourite!

*I shared these articles on LinkedIn which drove 3 times more traffic to them compared to a typical post

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