Secrets You Need to Know on Being a Brilliant Leader

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You know what blows my mind?

People who don’t understand that powerful leadership is about: respect, kindness, patience, support, and empathy.

The reality is that some people in this world just can’t handle your level of shine 😉

Imagine how you’d feel hearing:

“If you don’t speak in meetings, no one will know what value you add.”

“You’re a doer, not a thinker.”

“Partner X didn’t care about your strategy presentation. I don’t know why you bothered.”

Now imagine the opposite happened:

“I’d love to hear what you think about <topic>?”

“I’d like to get your help with our product strategy because I know you’re ready for it. Let’s carve out some time to go through this in more detail, does that sound good to you?”

“Thank you for your presentation. I know partner X didn’t quite receive it as you hoped, but it was a great conversation starter and something we can definitely continue to build upon.”

As a leader you have a choice

You can dish out venom or you can be the leader who builds their people up.

Your good employees aren’t a threat.

In fact, you only have one goal. Form people who can overtake you on the corporate ladder.

As a ‘doer’, find a real leader


  • Ignore anything you know isn’t true. Water off a ducks back. Know your strengths and say them out loud every morning
  • Every time someone comments on your strengths, write it down so you can remind yourself that you’re a star
  • Have empathy for everyone – negative behaviours are often triggered by underlying issues outside of work. Treat them like a customer. Subtly identify their pain points and you might be able to alleviate the target on your back
  • When you admire someone for their leadership, keep a record of what they did to be so amazing
  • Keep the good leaders in mind as people you might like to work for. If you’re bold enough, proactively ask one of these people if they’ll consider hiring you

Here’s what will blow your mind

Even after thinking you’d never survive, you’ve made it to the other side.

There is always something to learn from the good and the bad. You know that you would NEVER make anyone feel the way you did.

You know what it is to be, and not to be, a leader.

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