Product In Heels: Lockdowns And Other Thoughts On Life

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Don’t worry, the Amazon lawyers haven’t sued me yet. I haven’t posted in a while but I have been working on my blog behind the scenes!

As you know, by day, I have a fairly busy job working for Westpac. Recently, an opportunity has come up for me to take on some product work in another squad. Agile means we can move resources like Product Managers to where the work is and cross-skill people.

I’m not leaving my squad, there is still plently to do there, but I’m excited as I will be working on some new products. The reason I left Amex was to learn new product sets after spending 5 years in credit cards so this fits into my career goals quite nicely.

What else has been happening?

July is also the month I spent another birthday in lockdown. I can’t believe our country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and we are in this position. If there were vaccines available in my area, I would bl00dy get one Gladys!

Hopefully COVID will be over in time for my 30th. There is 30 years between my mum and I and we were both going to head to Europe in 2022 and meet in Bruges. With everything going on I think it is more realistic to see more of our own country which has so much to offer. I’m going to take my car across the Bass Strait to Tasmania!

July hasn’t been all doom and gloom. I had lots of chocolate to eat and French cooking to keep me occupied! My family bought me an Edible Blooms bouquet which was nice!

I’ve also had some incredible work from home views on our rainy days:

Product In Heels Rainbow
I’ve seen three rainbows in July!

COVID continues to inspire some interesting product & marketing innovation

I was targeted on Facebook with an ad from Scarborough Wines in the Hunter Valley. They are selling wine tasting kits so you can do their cellar door tasting from home. I’ll post some pictures and a review once I’ve had a go at it.

The kit was $40, delivered in 3 days and included:

  • 6 x 100ml wine bottles
  • Tasting mat they use at the cellar door
  • A virtual tasting guide
  • Tasting notes

This is super fun!!! What a cute lockdown activity. I love their creativity, it’s not easy to quickly redesign and distribute your product so I absolutely had to purchase and support it!

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  1. Congrats on getting to branch out into some new products. I’m sure they will all come with their own unique challenges and lessons to learn.

    And a belated happy birthday! Here’s hoping things will have improved in time for next year’s.

    1. Thank you Chris! Yes you are right. One of the products is a travel/prepaid card so we’re going to have to use this time to make it perfect before the borders open!

      Thank you! I really hope so. I know we can’t complain too much in Australia but the past few weeks have been a nightmare of our own making. Hopefully we will open up soon. Take care over on your side of the world. We’re watching with interest!

      1. So are we! 😬

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