Product Secrets: How To Inspire People To Buy Amazon Kindle

Here’s a product secret to inspire more people to buy the Amazon kindle. I’m loving the latest product feature that allows users to display the book cover on the home screen! A simple change that brings them closer to their product vision of mimicking a real book.

I had buyer’s remorse for quite some time with my kindle. My Galaxy S21 screen is big enough that I can easily read via the kindle app. I was annoyed at myself for spending the money before testing the phone app first.

Then I figured it out. My favourite thing about the kindle is reading in the bath without fear I’ll drop my phone! (beware, not all models are waterproof)

Look what I found on the Amazon Kindle Product Pages!

Product Review: Amazon Kindle

Amazon already know this product secret. I think this product page could be even better if they:

  • Add a glass of red wine 🍷
  • Make the caption less feature led: “Don’t let the steam get in the way of a good story” or “take kindle anywhere you go”
  • For context, the point about ‘adjustable warm light’ is in the headline, another image AND in the list of key features. Customers don’t need to be told 4 times. Use the imagery to show them why they NEED a kindle

Source: Amazon AU

My strategy if I was working on Kindle sales in Australia

Firstly, I’d test feature led vs aspirational concepts on the Product Pages. Next I would drive traffic to the site with a media plan (for example display ads, socials etc). You don’t have to know too much about this part as PM – Amazon would have marketing teams and preferred agencies that would help you. After that, I’d use the results to adopt a strategy and run further tests to optimise.

This brings me to my vision for the marketing

Hypothesis: aspirational led creative will drive better engagement

Mock up only, in the real world I would engage a media agency to design the ad properly

Product Review: Amazon Kindle
Product Review: Amazon Kindle. Mock Up 1.

And with that, our Amazon kindle product page transforms from this..

Source: Amazon AU

To this:

Product Review: Amazon Kindle. Mock Up 2.

Please be mindful that this is only my opinion and does not represent the views of Amazon Australia or any of its employees. I simply enjoy analysing & learning from other great products out there!

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