5 Life Lessons You Need To Know From Buffett And Munger

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Here are 5 lessons on life you need to know from “professors” Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger. These lessons are from the book University of Berkshire Hathaway by David Pecault & Corey Wrenn. You can find my more detailed review in my June book review.

Life Lessons From Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger in University of Berkshire Hathaway by David Pecault & Corey Wrenn

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  1. Lots of good advice there! Number 5 in particular stood out to me.

    1. The amount of advice in this book was insane! I feel like some of it is so obvious and yet I just loved hearing it come from them!

      I loved your comment in your recent article about the author writing as if they had read your Amazon wishlist. I’ve been mulling over that comment all day, wondering how we can tap into that further! A product manager/author’s dream!

      1. The obvious is always more convincing when the speaker can back up their words!

        I wish I could see people’s wish lists on Amazon! I don’t think there’s a way though; I’ll instead have to trust that their algorithm takes those choices into account when building those Customer Also Read lists on a book’s page.

      2. Yes, that is so true!

        You’re right, I don’t think there are any ethical ways! I find their algorithm relatively accurate for me, although occasionally they send me an email recommendation for a book a week or so after I’ve already read it on Kindle which seems like a waste of marketing $…

      3. Bryan Cohen runs a well regarded course on authors advertising through Amazon ads. You could probably find out more around how Amazon targets their ads through him, if you’re interested.

        It can throw up some anomalies. I was recommended one of my own books the other day 😂

      4. That sounds so interesting, thank you, I’m going to check that out! Even though I’m not in publishing, sometimes it helps to understand how other industries do things to apply in my own sphere.

        Haha that is too funny! Hopefully others who have similar reading habits to you will be served up your books!

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