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Gratitude is the best attitude. You’ve set your priorities and mindset in order, and you’ve found your motivation. Today’s article might seem obvious, but it is often the thing that is easier said than done!

I actually need to stop and take my own advice with this one. I can’t say too much here, but there are a few things going on that have been far from ideal. The lock downs happening in Sydney right now aren’t going to make things any easier. Despite what’s going on, we are still fortunate compared to many other cities around the world.

The best attitude in challenging times

There is a French bakery in my suburb that I love. The pastry chef Max is from northern France and it is the only place I’ve found in Sydney that makes a croissant comparable to the taste in France. Julia, who also owns the shop, was so bubbly this morning. I was chatting with her and she said “At least we can stay open and do takeaway and we have Ubereats!” Another kick in the guts for small business and she is still happy. That’s a lesson in gratitude right there.

Speaking of small business, this would be a great opportunity for American Express to step up their year long Shop Small campaign* with something a bit extra in Sydney over the next two weeks (extra points, no merchant fees?)…


If you don’t stop to appreciate the great things in your life, your stress and negativity is going to become all consuming and you’ll burn out. We’re not going to let this happen to you (or me!).

It might sound silly, but have a go at writing down the things you’re grateful for. There is life outside of work! Here’s my list:

The Power of Gratitude Gratitude Checklist
The Power of Gratitude Gratitude Checklist

What are you grateful for?

*Disclaimer: This is a publicly visible campaign. As per the Amex AU public website Shop Small comes at no additional cost to participating merchants. What is expressed above is my opinion and doesn’t represent the views of Amex AU or any Amex AU colleagues.

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