Samsung Galaxy: Finding The Epic In Your Everyday Life

My job is on fire at the moment. I mean that in the best possible way. I’m in demand with the marketing team and my sprints are filling up pretty quickly. The only problem is my mind is constantly on this blog and my ideas for my new mini series Product Secrets for Authors!

We just observed our ANZAC remembrance day over the weekend here in Australia. It is a day to reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our beautiful country. We were blessed with perfect weather so we caught the ferry into the city.

As a tourist in my own city I decided to test the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy S21. WOW. I’m calling it. This is the hottest product of 2021. I’m no photographer and look what it can do:

View of the harbour from ferry at Milsons Point (Galaxy S21)

The ANZAC bridge was illuminated red so I took a picture from my balcony using night mode. It captured the stars! Don’t worry, there was no UFO that’s my lack of photography skills!

I’ve seen a lot of Samsung ads around lately. I’ve been getting targeted with all of the Facebook video and feed ads for the Galaxy Buds Pro (waste of marketing $, I already have a pair?). I’ve also seen an ad for the S21 on a billboard but obviously with any out of home placement your selling the brand and concept, not every feature, so it was basically just a picture of the phone.

Curious about the product marketing, I decided to look into this further. Here’s the hero tagline on the Samsung Australia website:

Made for the epic in everyday

It’s true, it captured an epic moment on my everyday commute. Since the COVID situation, many companies have had to rethink their marketing material because so much of it was based on themes like travel, dining & social gatherings. I think it’s interesting that Samsung is switching to this notion of the ‘everyday’ as well. I also love that it makes me FEEL something. I want the epic in my everyday!

Compare that to the iPhone 12 product page (I’m open to the backlash, iPhone lovers!):

“Blast past fast.”

What does that even mean? I clicked “learn more” and it explained that it’s the fastest chip in a smartphone. Cool. Tech nerds will no doubt appreciate this but the marketing is all wrong. It is so heavily feature led it doesn’t tell me why I NEED this phone in my life or inspire me to WANT it.

Here are the top few comparable features from the product pages side by side:

“Made to turn heads”“The world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone”
“Areospace-grade aluminium edges”
“Groundbreaking protection”
“Built for those “oh no!” moments…”
“Ceramic Shield. Clearly tougher than any smartphone glass.”
“4x better drop performance”
“A total frame changer”
“One take and that’s a wrap”
“The beauty is in the details”
“Instagram-ready instantly”
“Evenings have entered the picture.”
“Automatic magic.”
“Face it. Nothing beats Portrait mode.”
“Night mode selfies. You look amazing in the dark.”
Consumer: “If I buy the Samsung I’ll be fashionable, my Insta will be incredible and I know it’s a solid phone when I drop it all the time.”Consumer: “If I buy the iPhone I’ll have a thin, aero-space grade phone with glass tougher than other smartphones and my Insta will be incredible.”
Source: Samsung AU & Apple AU

See the difference?

The Samsung page is too long for a highlights page (it covers EVERY feature) but at just about every point it captures my attention.

The Apple page starts to hit the nail on the head when it comes to selling the camera features, but up until that point it loses me in the technical detail and comparison modules.

I have no affiliation with Samsung and I had no idea the S21 was such an upgrade from my S8. I’m simply a product nerd.

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