I need a break! Why you need to recharge

I started my new job 4 weeks ago so I probably didn’t need a break but I wasn’t going to complain about a 4 day weekend! This post is what we would consider scope creep as this is not a travel blog however I absolutely had to show off the stunning colours of Australia I saw this weekend.

200km south of Sydney you will find the coastal region of the Shoalhaven. It is absolute paradise. Here you will find beaches with the whitest sand, friendly locals (human & animal!) and scenery that captivates. Enough said.

On the weekend we decided to venture back up the highway to do Ben’s Walk, a 5.5km loop behind the back of Nowra Showground. My goodness, I was blown away by how stunning this walk was! We crossed a river over the suspension bridge, wandered through a farm and then onward & upward to the Hanging Rock.

It’s amazing what a change of scenery and a short break can do for the mind. The colours, the cascading light and the sounds of the bush carried me far from any of the worries back in the big smoke. I’ve also recharged the creative batteries and I have some exciting things planned for this blog.

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