2021: Amy’s Year of Crushing It

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This post is probably not going to have any bearing on anyone using the Internet except me. I have always been a firm believer in writing down your goals. For example, at the beginning of my studies in year 12 I wrote my goal ATAR (94.4) on a big sheet of paper and stuck it on my wall, an offensive daily reminder of how hard I would have to work. What was my ATAR in the end? 94.3!

At work, our product team has a ‘theme of the year’ which I absolutely love. We have goals, but the theme gives us our ‘why’ we are doing what we’re doing. I decided it would make sense to adopt the same concept for my personal life, and after consuming copious amounts of Gary Vee content I decided the most appropriate theme would be “2021: Amy’s year of CRUSHING IT”. I don’t care what it is, this year I’m going to crush it!!

With that in mind, I documented my goals earlier in the year and I’ve decided that this post will hold me publicly accountable for my top 3 goals for 2021. I’ve actually already achieved number 1 (Find a new Product opportunity in another product set with salary of $XK per year) so I have updated it to read “Crush your new job at Westpac!”

Clearly, I subscribe to the school of thought that goals can be fluid!

What are your goals for 2021? I would encourage you to commit them to paper and hope you can crush it too.

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