New Opportunity: As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I was overwhelmed by the heart warming messages I received from colleagues all over the business and the world when my resignation from American Express was announced. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked with such a caring, intelligent and fun group of colleagues over the past 2 years.

I know sometimes it can be easy for us to portray the good and happy side to our lives over social media, but being honest sometimes I really struggle with confidence which probably stems from my perfectionist tendencies! It has taken years of hard work and, at times, brutal self reflection to move away from this mindset and get to where I am today.

Jacinda Ardern says that she tries to turn her self-doubt into something more positive – I absolutely love this. She talks about how she identifies her worries for what they are and then proactively tries to resolve that anxiety whether that be through more preparation or thinking on her decisions.

So, the next time I’m feeling a bit worried I’m going to channel my inner Jacinda and I’ll read back through this post. I’ve compiled all of the beautiful things my colleagues have said to me last week and I will look over these for years to come!

I would encourage you to send an amazing colleague of yours an appreciation email this week!

Thank you!

“Amy began her career in 2019 in lending business and had a very successful 2 year stint. During this time she played such a crucial role in the team, coming on board to help build, lead and launch Plan It Instalments; providing a much sought after ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature to Australian credit card customers…She was always open to lend (no surprises) a helping hand to other team members and even teams outside lending when required…

Throughout her time at Amex, Amy is known as someone who is passionate about her work, with strong attention to detail (a true Guardian) and a lovely friend to many in the team.”

“Oh no, another true talent leaving. I wish you all the very best in your next endeavour, Amy. You will be truly missed.”

“You’re so knowledgeable, diligent and just get the work done without getting involved in all the politics – great traits to have!!”

“You are such a wonderful colleague, I always loved your vibe, so kind and sweet.”

“Sad to see you go. Our loss is their gain. It was great working with you!”

“I wanted to wish you huge success in your next endeavour. Although we didn’t work too much together, you always impress when we speak. Your next employer is going to be very lucky to have you!”

“They definitely gained a great asset! You will do brilliant and I really hope you will be back one day!

“You’ve always been so poised and professional, I remember being so impressed when I first met you.”

“I still remember my first day sitting next to you. I want to say thank you and you are always caring and being compassionate.”

These messages are worth more to me than any money could buy 🙂

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